Chartreux cats have a dense double coat that benefits from weekly brushing to prevent matting. In the fall and spring, when shedding is worse, brushing should occur two to three times a week. Chartreux cats very rarely need a bath, but if one is necessary, be aware that it will be challenging to completely wet its water-resistant coat.

The coming of spring means the loss of the winter fur which requires more maintenance. It is generally recommended to use a double metal comb (with two sets of teeth) and a soft natural bristle brush to properly maintain the coat of the Chartreux. It is often found that outdoor life during the winter enhances the appearance of the fur coat.

The nails should be trimmed as necessary, normally every one to two weeks. The teeth should be brushed regularly with toothpaste for pets, to maintain good health and clean, fresh breath, and professional dental cleaning is required periodically for good oral and physical health.