Simple, refined, enigmatic and mysterious, the Chartreux cat is an ideal companion for those who appreciate and respect this rare French breed, and its quiet feline nature. Bright and playful, Chartreux cats are best suited to people who spend a lot of time at home, as although very independent, Chartreux do like to stay close to their owners. Always present without being intrusive, they provide a soothing alternative to those who are stressed by modern life. Chartreux are also very adaptable, and cope with travelling very well.

Chartreux interact with infants,older children and other pets very well, as they are very sociable. Known for their intelligence as much as their strength, Chartreux have been known to operate light switches, taps and clocks. Due to their sturdy build, Chartreux cats are skilled hunters, and they were particularly prized by Carthusian monks for their rat catching abilities. Often confused with the British Shorthair, this grey blue cat has the same endearingly enigmatic ‘smile’, which is one of its main identifying characteristics. Their lovingly amenable, empathetic personalities have enabled the Chartreux to survive over time to the present day.