Diet & Nutrition

Chartreux tend to be sensitive to rich food or too many changes in diet, so it is recommended to take advice from your veterinarian on selecting the right quality commercial food. Keep in mind that food quality enhances the life of your cat and can help prevents many ailments. Cheap food may very well turn out to be a false economy if your cats health suffers. If you need to change your cats diet, it is best to implement the change in food gradually, so that the digestive system of the cat can better assimilate the new food, and avoid intestinal discomfort. Bear in mind that as they age, adult Chartreux are not as active and can become overweight if overfed.

Be wary of dry commercial pet foods, as these are the main cause of urinary stones in cats. Dry kibble is made from plant based ingredients, and this, along with a lack of water in the diet, causes the urine to become very concentrated and highly alkaline. The high alkaline levels in the urine ‘predisposes’ Chartreux cats, and others to struvite urinary stones.

The best way to avoid dehydration and other problems in cats is to ensure that they are fed correctly. A balanced, natural diet based on fresh, raw meat, can maintain a more natural urine pH. The water content of the food should be high, around 75-80% to create and maintain dilute urine.