Choosing Your Chartreux

If you are considering acquiring a Chartreux, you should put as much time and energy into research and planning, as you would if you were choosing an expensive household item. Forethought will pay dividends in the long term, so take time in making a decision. It can take a while to find the right cat or kitten, maybe four to six months, quite possibly more. Reputable breeders generally will not allow kittens to be removed from their mother before the age of three to four months.

Depending on the demands of daily life, you may need to consider whether a fully grown Chartreux might be a more reasonable choice. Although they are a joy, and very fulfilling, kittens are very demanding, and they can be very boisterous and unruly until they reach a mature age. If you choose an adult Chartreux, the personality is already formed, and any health issues would most likely be apparent. Reputable breeders can offer advice on adult Chartreux that may need a home, if you are considering offering a home to an older cat.

Established Chartreux breeders will also adhere to a strict code of ethics that outlines the breeder’s obligations to both cats and purchasers. Look for an experienced Chartreux breeder who has the required health certifications that are necessary to ensure the cats genetic and everyday health. It is preferable to find a breeder who raises kittens at home, as they tend to be socialised, unlike kittens raised in isolation, who may be wary and intimated, and therefore harder to socialise as they mature.